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Based on our review system, our choice for the highest quality shilajit product is Premium Shilajit, due to the resin form, ease of use, and excellent results.

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Noticeable Benefits

You can enjoy a number of interesting benefits if you take Shilajit on a regular basis. It is one of the very best herbs from the world of Ayurveda. It can help improve your blood sugar level and purify your blood as well. It works on a cellular level to bring about nice changes in you – you will have more power, strength, and vitality. The only issue you may have to deal with is that finding the pure Shilajit is not that ease. Of course, several brands promise this, but only a few can actually deliver. It seems Premium Shilajit is one of those products that actually work.


Harvested in Resin Form

Premium Shilajit works because they have harvested it in the Himalaya in Nepal and India. It is not easy to process raw Shilajit, but the company has done quite well to prepare this semi-solid Shilajit resin. We’re not a huge fan of Shilajit capsules because the pure Shilajit is in the form of resin, and that’s what you get when you opt for Premium Shilajit. We like the fact that it is not the solid Shilajit resin, which some people have a hard time breaking up and swallowing.


Free from Contaminants

This product is free from organic contaminants and heavy metals, which is another reason it is an increasingly popular choice for people who are looking for a safe way to rejuvenate and nourish their bodies.  It may not be the most cost-effective Shilajit product out there, but it is definitely among the best. It costs you just under $50 for 10g of Shilajit resin, which is slightly higher than what you usually get when you opt for another Shilajit brand.

The Good

  • It is available in a 10g jar
  • It is Himalayan Shilajit acquired from Nepal and India
  • It comes in a semi-solid resin form
  • It shares authenticity and lab results on website
  • It can be taken in warm water or milk
  • It doesn’t smell that bad
  • It is free of organic contaminants and heavy metals
  • It is available for shipping around the world

The Bad

There isn’t a real bad thing going about this particular product. It is available in a resin form, has published authenticity lab report, and is available around the world. The only issue many people may face is that it is a touch expensive as compared to many other Shilajit products available in the market today.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that the regular use of Premium Shilajit has helped people enjoy several benefits, including increased energy and boosted immune system. It also works great for detoxification, anti-aging, and mental clarity. It comes in a semi-solid resin form, so it is easy to take it. You can also take a glass of warm water and dissolve a small piece of Shilajit in it. Some people have also confirmed that it works great when mixed in a glass of warm milk. It is important to point out that the Premium Shilajit isn’t toxic at all – they have actually shared lab results to back their claims. Moreover, the company ships this Shilajit product all over the world, so anyone can order one to start enjoying the benefits associated with pure Shilajit.

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