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High Mountain Shilajit Review

High Mountain Shilajit from Dragon Herbs is an excellent product, with many benefits. The only downside is how long it takes to get this product.

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Good Reviews

Shilajit is one of the very best ayurvedic medicines you will find out there. It offers numerous benefits, but the problem is that it sometimes becomes difficult to find the most original and effective product. Many brands are now venturing into this business, but not all of them are able to product the most contaminant-free version. High Mountain Shilajit – Dragon Herbs is an increasingly popular choice though. The product enjoys several positive reviews and is sure to have things going in its favor.


Reputable Company

Dragon Herbs is a reputable name in the industry. They provide you with complimentary herbal consultations, tonic bar, and more than 1000 herbal formulations that they have made using the finest quality herbs. They offer tonic elixirs such as Tonic Alchemy, Longevity Tea, Beauty Tea, Ginseng Lemonade, Healer’s Tea, and so on. High Mountain Shilajit is yet another nice offering from the company.


Origin of this Product

The product is made using Shilajit collected by local inhabitants in Russia and the Himalayas. Many herbalist take Shilajit as one of the most important and beneficial natural tonic substance. High Mountain Shilajit claims to have no contaminants and fillers added to the product. It contains up to 85 complex minerals and trace elements, all of which are essential to good health and longevity. What we liked about the fact that High Mountain Shilajit is a natural product, but it has been laboratory tested for purity and authenticity. No serving contains less than 40% fulvic acid, which is probably the reason why it enjoys several positive reviews, as people find it effective.

The Good

  • A mixture of 85 complex minerals
  • Laboratory tested for authenticity
  • High concentration of fulvic acid
  • It’s gluten-free and contains no starch or preservatives
  • Ships everywhere in the world
  • Enjoys positive reviews for being effective
  • Great packaging

The Bad

The only downside we could figure was the time it takes to get to you. Even if you order one directly from the manufacturers, it will still take some time for you to receive it to your doorstep. Other than this, there isn’t anything bad about the product.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that it is 100% natural, plant-based product that will produce some nice effects. It is suitable for vegetarians because it contains no starch or preservatives – it’s gluten free as well. It contains 40% fulvic acid, so you are going to notice a change in stamina after a few weeks of use. It is also a rich source of amino acids, antioxidants, nutrients, and photochemical, all of which will improve your health.

Due to the powerful content of Shilajit and other minerals, the product is sure to offer some interesting benefits. Many people who have used it for an extended period have seen certain benefits, including improved stamina and reduced fatigue. You may also use it for its cleansing and detoxifying effects – it also has antioxidant properties and anti-diabetic effects, so it will regulate hormones and improve sexual potency as well.

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