Shilajit Side Effects

Shilajit side effectsBecause shilajit is a natural substance, there aren’t any known side effects that are associated with it; shilajit side effects are rare. There are a few possible side effects, which we will discuss below. Some side effects are completely normal. Many people report a warming sensation in their hands and feet, or heat coursing through their bodies. This is completely normal, as shilajit has as natural warming effect. If this side effect is bothersome, it can be lessened by taking your shilajit dose in milk.

Shilajit is a Safe Substance

Shilajit is formed by decayed plant matter, and is therefore a completely natural substance. Because of this, it is considered very safe to consume. In fact, many people choose to use shilajit rather than more conventional drugs. It is important to consult with your doctor before taking shilajit, however. This is because it cannot be used to replace certain drugs, and each person’s body chemistry can interact differently with shilajit, and it has not been tested for interactions with every drug that is currently prescribed.


Iron is essential for good health, as it transports oxygen through the body. Without iron, you will grow fatigued completing routine tasks. Shilajit is full of iron, which is one reason it is excellent for your health. If you are taking iron supplements as well as your shilajit dosage, you could be taking surplus amounts, which will lead to a buildup of the mineral in your blood. Be sure to check with your doctor to determine your iron supplement needs. This is especially important for those who have hemochromatosis, as their bodies absorb much more iron than the average person.

Uric Acid

When a person digests normally, their digestion creates uric acid as a byproduct. Normally, this acid is dissolved through the kidneys where it is eventually eliminated. If the body cannot release this acid and it builds up, however, gout and kidney stones can be caused. If you have a high uric acid retention, you should be careful consuming shilajit, as it has been shown to increase the body’s production of uric acid. We always suggest people talk to their doctors about specific health issues and possible side effects of consuming shilajit before taking your first dose.

Possible Side Effects

People have used shilajit for thousands and thousands of years. It has helped people manage their diabetes, aid fertility, and fight exhaustion. The benefits of shilajit are many, but it cannot be tested in every situation and with every person. Because of this, there are a few possible issues we need to mention.


Pregnant or Nursing Women

To date, there are no studies involving pregnant or nursing mothers and the use of shilajit. Thus, women who are in either of these stages of life should not take shilajit, as the side effects have not been studies.


Those With Diabetes

Shilajit is often used to treat diabetes, because it is able to naturally lower blood sugar levels. People with diabetes should be careful taking shilajit, because they may need to lower their insulin doses to compensate of the shilajit benefits.


Changes in Urination

Some people who take shilajit have reported an increase or decrease in urination. Thankfully, this side effect is rare, and is usually only reported by people who are taking a high dosage of shilajit. Usually, this side effect normalizes after usage.


Allergic Reactions

Because each person’s body chemistry is unique, each person reacts differently to using shilajit. There are many different substances in shilajit which could cause an allergic reaction. We mention this only as a precaution, as allergic reactions to shilajit are unheard of.

Consult With Your Doctor

Everyone’s body chemistry is unique, and because of this, it is impossible to determine and diagnose every possible side effect of shilajit. If you are considering taking this extremely beneficial supplement, please consult with your doctor first to determine if there will be any complications. Shilajit is a natural substance and has been used by thousands of people for generations, and has no known side effects. In most situations, doctors are happy to give the go-ahead for using shilajit.