How We Rank

We work hard to ensure that our ranking system for shilajit brands is fair. That’s because we want you to find the best product to benefit your lifestyle and your health. Each of our product rankings adheres to our ranking criteria in order determine a fair rating. Below is an overview of the ranking system so you can understand what goes into each review you see listed on our site. The criteria below is what makes up the overall ranking. The user reviews are based entirely on the review of the customer.


Each product is ranked on the quality of the product itself. Shilajit is at its purest when it is in resin form, while capsules can leave much to be desired when it comes to the quality and benefits of the shilajit itself. That being said, some products are extremely beneficial despite being in capsule form. Each of these aspects has been taken into consideration during the ranking process.


Each product is ranked on its price – but not just on cost alone. A product may be extremely well-priced for being in resin form, while another product may be very expensive, considering it is in capsule form, and has fillers in each dose. Therefore, the price ranking system also takes into account the value of the product, not just the price you will pay when you purchase it.


Some shilajit products aren’t readily available here in the United States. Because of this, we evaluate how long it takes for each product to arrive. Many providers don’t have shilajit in stock, as it can be difficult to obtain. If a product takes months to arrive after you order it, it can be extremely frustrating. Thus, we added the availability ranking criteria into our ranking system.

Ease of Use

Each shilajit product is different. Shilajit in resin form is more difficult to consume than those in pill form. However, some resins are almost impossible to consume because of the strong flavor. Our ranking criteria takes all of these facts into consideration as we rank each shilajit product. Please understand that by choosing an easier product to consume, you may be getting a lower quality product.

Lab Tested

We feel it is important to be fully aware of the benefits of a product before you begin using it. Therefore, whether or not a company has provided laboratory results is a major factor in our ranking system. Many companies fail to publish their test and lab results, which makes it much more difficult of us to recommend it. When a company publicly posts all results, we rank them higher in our system.

Customer Service

When you purchase a shilajit product, it is important that you can contact the company’s customer service staff to discuss possible side effects, shipping problems, and other areas of concern. When a company provides low – quality customer service, we rank them lower. When a company provides excellent care and service, we give them a higher rating, because we understand the importance of getting the help you need.

User Reviews

User reviews play a large part in the ranking system on our site. Each of the reviews is held for moderation so we can make sure it doesn’t provide false information, critiques, or malicious information. We reserve the right to deny or approve comments as we see fit. Once a comment has been approved, however, it affects the overall ranking. You are also able to view all reviews under each product description.

Have Insight? Contact Us!

Do you have any insight or recommendations for making our ranking system more reliable and fair? We’re always looking to improve and help people find the best shilajit product for their lifestyle. If you have nay areas of the ranking system you disagree with, or you have a suggestion as to a section we could add, please email us with your insight. Submit our recommendation form to make your suggestions.

* Disclaimer: We are constantly working to improve our ranking system, and therefore perform constant updates to the ranking criteria to provide accurate reviews.