SunFood Raw Shilajit Powder

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SunFood Raw Shilajit Powder

SunFood Raw Shilajit Powder is an excellent product, especially because it is pure. Customer service appears to be lacking, as well as lab tests on their website.

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An increasingly large majority of people has now recognized the impressive benefits of Shilajit. Anyone interested in ayurvedic medicines would tell you the benefits of authentic Shilajit. If you can get it in raw, original form with no contaminants, it can work wonders for your stamina and strength. Many companies now offer such products, but not many of them are capable of providing you with genuine Shilajit except for a few top brands. It seems that SunFood Raw Shilajit Powder is among those trustworthy names that people have positive things to say about.


Super Food

SunFood is a big name in the world of super foods that give you strength and energy. They have already introduced several impressive products that help you discover the energy, healing and longevity power that lies within your body. They are known to offer some of the most nutrient dense, organic, raw, and Non-GMO super foods, and SunFood Shilajit is yet another nice offering by the company.


Pure: No Added Herbs

One of the benefits we’ve noticed is that unlike many other Shilajit products, it doesn’t rely on other herbs or ingredients. It is raw Shilajit powder, which means you are going to get all the benefits that are directly associated with this magic herb. It also means you will be able to. It’s due to the composition of Shilajit that you experience several benefits. It contains magnesium that’s important for bone health and immunity, whereas potassium helps a lot in maintaining low blood pressure. It also contains selenium that strengthens your immune system and plays a role in neutralizing free radicals.

The Good

  • It has a highly impressive smoky flavor
  • It consists of more than 85 minerals for overall strength and health
  • It’s raw Himalayan Shilajit powder prepared with no preservatives
  • It is prepared at low-temperature after being harvested by hand
  • It is dried and tested in laboratory for pollutants
  • It can be used with water or be added to smoothies

The Bad

Some users have complained about slow delivery and below average support service. We could connect with a representative with ease, so there may be times when they are not available for assistance. What we really think should be added on their website is a lab testing report to highlight exactly how much Shilajit is present in the formula, as this would help us give a better verdict.

The Bottom Line

After we study the product carefully and consider users’ opinions, it became clear that we have a good product on our hands. So many things go in its favor and make it a better alternative to some other similar products. Its smoky flavor is one great feature that you usually don’t find in other Shilajit products. It consists of 85 minerals with no preservatives. It’s Himalayan Shilajit, which is considered the best in the market. And the company prepares it and checks it for authenticity in labs. Simply by taking about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of Shilajit powder, you will be able to see some positive changes in your strength and stamina. We have heard from many people who have been using it for a while now and they all seem to be happy with the results.

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