Ojio Shilajit Powder

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Ojio Shilajit Powder

This product received a high rating because of the ease of use. Because it is in a powder form (as opposed to resin - the purest form), however, it is not rated the highest.

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Ojio is not new to this business of manufacturing high quality ayurvedic medicines. Their Shilajit powder is one of the very best out there. They take it in an organic mineral pitch and use specific processes to turn it into a powdery form.


Powder Form is Not Ideal

Ojio Shilajit Powder is a good offering because it enjoys several positive reviews. The biggest issue with Shilajit products is that there isn’t enough of this substance. Whether you take it in the form of pills, capsules, or powder, it is hard to tell if it contains Shilajit and how much of it is actually there.


Easy to Use

Ojio Shilajit powder is a good choice because it contains 85 minerals in Ionic form and is extremely effective. What’s more, you will find it a lot easier to take it with tea or water – you can mix it with chocolate or healthy smoothies to enjoy better taste.

The Good

  • Original Shilajit with positive reviews
  • Contains 85 minerals, including fulvic and humic acid
  • Easily administered when mixed directly with water
  • Can be used in capsules with ease
  • Great packaging with enough Shilajit to last long

The Bad

There aren’t many bad things said by the consumers, but some have actually complained about the fact that they are not very good with their delivery time. Moreover, it is not possible to find any lab testing on their website to confirm exactly what they have included in the product. This definitely raises some concerns, but those who have used it also vouch for its quality and say it definitely works – it may not offer huge benefits, but you will notice improved stamina in a couple of weeks or so.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that if you’re interested in enjoying several benefits associated with Shilajit, you may consider putting your money on Ojio Shilajit Powder. As it is in this powder form, you can take it with utmost ease. Mix it in water and you will have a homemade tea offering numerous benefits. You can mix it in smoothies, and can even consider putting it in capsules to ensure you don’t feel any bitter taste while taking it.

No GMO’s or Pesticides

One obvious reason why Ojio Shilajit powder works is that they say they haven’t included any fillers to the product. They have used herbs that have been cultivated in India and are all pesticide and chemical free. Although no tests have been published, they do mention the product is multi-tested for pesticide residue and is Non-GMO as well. Another interesting highlight is that these herbs used in this product are cold-water extracted using process that always stays below 118degrees. The product comes in a glass jar, and we appreciated the fact that it has a BPA-free lid. Overall, the product looks great, and considering consumers opinions, it is safe to say that it works.

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