Shilajit Capsules

Are shilajit capsules good?There are many different forms of shilajit, including resin, capsule, powder, paste, and tonic. The most common form is shilajit capsules. While there are positive aspects of using capsules, there are also downsides as well. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the positives and negatives of the shilajit capsule.

Good Aspects of the Shilajit Capsule

There are a couple of reasons using shilajit in capsule form is a good idea. These include:

Ease of Use

In its natural form, shilajit can be difficult to consume, because it has a tar-like substance that smells strongly of smoke. Many people have a difficult time consuming shilajit in this form. Capsules circumvent this problem, because the shilajit is encapsulated, and is therefore much easier to swallow.


A shilajit capsule is generally much cheaper than other forms. There are good reasons for this (which we’ll discuss below), but if price is a deciding factor on whether or not you are able to use this supplement, capsules provide an excellent option.

Downsides to Using Shilajit Capsules

Unfortunately, there are downsides to taking your shilajit in capsule form. They include:


Shilajit is the most potent when it is in its natural form. This is because it is closest to its original form straight from the mountains. Shilajit resins contain the highest amount of vitamins and minerals. When shilajit is in capsule, tonic, or powder form, it is less potent and thus provides less benefit.


It can be difficult to determine the correct shilajit dose when it is in capsule form. Again, this is because many powders, tonics, and shilajit capsules contain fillers, so it can be difficult to know how much pure shilajit you are consuming.


Because shilajit is so unique in its natural form, it is easier to tell if you are using a quality product or not. This is not true for capsules. Many companies sell counterfeit shilajit, or capsules that are stuffed with worthless fillers. It is difficult to determine the quality in capsule form.

Recognizing Quality Shilajit: How To

No matter what form of shilajit you purchase, it is essential that you ensure it is a quality product before ingesting. There are dozens of places to buy it online, and many of them aren’t providing quality product. Here are a few tips for telling whether or not a shilajit product is quality:

Taste, Smell, and Consistency

Shilajit should smell unusual – like tar or smoke. In fact, when you open a fresh tin of shilajit resin, it should smell very strong. The taste should be bitter on your tongue. The consistency of the product depends on the form you get it. Resin should be glossy and tar-like in substance. No matter the type of shilajit, it should easily melt and not leave behind any residue or film.

Beware of Fillers

When you purchase capsules, powders, or liquid, be careful to see what other herbs, vitamins, and minerals are included in the dosage. When shilajit is in capsule and other forms, it is almost impossible to know if it is pure or quality. Be sure to read reviews and look for lab results for capsule products to ensure they are high quality.

Trusted Company

Be sure to purchase your shilajit from trusted providers. Many companies selling shilajit are online sources. Online companies can be shady, and purchasing a  supplement from an untrusted company can lead to dangerous results. Read reviews and look for other signs that a company is trustworthy. Once you find a good source, be sure to let others know.


Shilajit is a powerful supplement that can have great benefits for your life. Determining which form is right for you is essential for the effectiveness of this substance. Here at Best Shilajit Brand, we recommend using the purest form of shilajit possible – resin – because you can be sure it is pure and potent. A shilajit capsule, tonics, and powders can be filled with impurities, other supplements, and heavy metals. Be sure to research the product you choose thoroughly before partaking. There are some excellent capsules on the market at the moment. Research the other supplements, vitamins, and minerals in the shilajit capsule you choose so you can determine whether or not it is a good choice for your lifestyle. Whatever type of shilajit you choose, be prepared to see the benefit in your life. Shilajit is a fantastic anti-aging substance that will greatly benefit your health.