Dabur Shilajit Gold

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Dabur Shilajit Gold

Slow delivery and the fact that this product mixes other herbs in with the shilajit are the reasons for this rating. It is an excellent product for strength and stamina improvement.

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Quality Company

Dabur enjoys good reputation around the world for offering high quality consumer care products. The company knows how to cater to the needs across the entire FMCG spectrum through a number of different portfolios including Health Care, Personal Care, Food Consumer Health Division, and Home Care. They also offer a number of highly effective and popular ayurvedic medicines as well as ayurvedic over-the-counter products. They have made a name of themselves for offering high quality, original and effective Shilajit that they sell by the name of “Shilajit Gold”.


Additional Herbs

We have reviewed many other companies offering Shilajit, but Dabur is one of the larger entities out there. They claim to have a product that uses a unique combination of special ingredients. Shilajit uses a combination of Golf, Shilajit, and Kesar. They have also included some other herbs to the formula to make it more effective – they have added Kaunch, Aswagandha, Safed Mushali, and Beed. The combination of these ingredients makes Shilajit Gold a powerful supplement to help increase your stamina, vitality, and vigor.


Gold Added

The presence of gold gives this product the power to increase your vitality and strength, whereas saffron is a nervine tonic and has some impressive anti-fatigue properties. Similarly, Ahswagandha has rejuvenating properties and improves your overall health. Above all, it contains Shilajit with fulvic acid that gives you energy and improves your sexual performance as well.

The Good

  • It contains Shilajit with fulvic acid
  • It contains several minerals as well other ingredients for strength and vitality
  • It is an all-natural product and is safe to use
  • It is equally good for men and women
  • It comes with free shipping across India
  • It comes in confidential packaging with numerous freebies
  • It is cost-effective as compared to other brands

The Bad

They are not really quick with their delivery, and that’s the only real bad about their service. Some people have complained about the mixing of several other herbs and ingredients that actually reduce the effectiveness of pure Shilajit. It is true to some extent, but it kind of works well with other ingredients and makes an effective choice for anyone looking for herbal remedy to improve stamina and strength.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that Shilajit Gold is worth every penny you spend on this particular product. It comes from the house of Dabur, so you can definitely trust the quality. They have already introduced hundreds of products that are popular in and around India. Thanks to the ingredients of Shilajit Gold, you are sure to see it work to a great extent. Consumers have positive things to say about it, but some users have mentioned that you should be taking it twice a day after meals and ensure that your water intake is high to get maximum benefits. We dug deeper into the details and found that they don’t use any preservatives, so it is a 100% natural product. Still, we couldn’t find much details about lab testing on their website, so some doubt about the authenticity may arise. On the flip side, you can consider users’ reviews who are quite happy and satisfied with this particular product and believe it really helped them increase strength.

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