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Pure Ladakhi Shilajit

Pure Ladakhi Shilajit from Future Alchemy makes an excellent product containing many minerals and fulvic acid. Taste and odor at the only thing bringing this product down.

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Thanks to the amazing benefits associated with pure Shilajit, many manufacturers have started making it. Unfortunately, most of them are using synthesized imitations with little or no traces of Shilajit at all. Shilajit sure does pack a punch and offers numerous benefits, but finding the right Shilajit product is the real catch. However, we could find Pure Ladakhi Shilajit from Future Alchemy a lot more effective and impressive as compared to many other products currently being sold in the market.


Pure Form

So many things determine the quality of a Shilajit product. One important factor is the origin of the Shilajit used in a product. It is worth mentioning that the Shilajit harvested in Ladakh is one of the very best. Cultivated at the elevation of over 3,000m, the Ladakhi Shilajit contains some highly impressive ingredients that make it a lot more effective. The great thing about Pure Ladakhi Shilajit from Future Alchemy is that it is available in the pure form. Many companies offer Shilajit in capsules or even powdery form, but they often add fillers to the product. That’s not the case with Pure Ladakhi Shilajit.


Contains Additional Minerals

It offers so many interesting benefits mainly because it contains 85 trace minerals as well. The presence of those minerals, in addition to fulvic acid, makes Pure Ladakhi Shilajit a great product to have in your home.

The Good

  • It is great for your blood sugar and diabetes
  • It is a cost effective way of taking Shilajit
  • It is available in handy jar with 15g of pure resin
  • It is available in small, anhydrous pieces for ease of swallowing
  • It doesn’t dissolve in water
  • It enjoys a number of positive reviews from old customers

The Bad

The taste and odor is not great at all. It feels as if you’re eating raw herbs. It may look like a drawback to many, but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker considering it’s one of the indications that the product contains pure Shilajit. Here it is worth mentioning that some users weren’t entirely happy with the delivery time. We however feel that the real drawback is the absence of any lab results posted on their website.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that the Pure Ladakhi Shilajit is available in pure form, so it offers several benefits and promotes stamina and strength, and relieves stress as well. It is also a good aphrodisiac and helps regulate your blood sugar. It also assists with anti-aging and is cost-effective too. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to get a 15 gram jar filled with pure Shilajit in resin form. You are free to take it any way you like – you can have it mixed in water or take it directly. Of course, the taste is not that great, and it’s common with the purest Shilajit products, but you will definitely get some good rewards for bearing with the taste and odor. Overall, it seems that Future Alchemy has managed to produce a nice product in the form of Pure Ladakhi Shilajit.

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