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Pure Shilajit Mineral Pitch

Pure Shilajit Mineral Pitch from Superman Herbs is an excellent product, with well documented results. The only drawback is the bad taste.

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Well-Established Company

After hearing a lot about Pure Shilajit Mineral Pitch from Superman Herbs, we decided to dig deeper into the details to discover what’s making it so popular with Shilajit fans. First thing first, the company, Superman Herbs, is not new to this whole business of processing herbs and manufacturing super foods. The fact that Pure Shilajit Pitch comes from Superman Herbs is heartening for many. Many people who have used it for a few weeks have said positive things about it.


Available in Raw Form

It is worth mentioning that in which form you take Shilajit plays a role in what benefits you get. The original form of Shilajit is gooey, but many companies don’t sell it in the form of a resin. They sell it in the form of capsules or even powder. It is obvious that the companies need to process Shilajit differently to get it extract, which is more likely to affect its natural constituents. This is not the case with Pure Shilajit Pitch because it’s available in a raw form – though the company has processed it to eliminate any contaminants or harmful ingredients. A peppercorn size dose of this product is enough to produce several impressive effects that are associated with Shilajit.


Published Results

What we like the most about Pure Shilajit Pitch was that the company has published heavy metals results on their website. The concentration of arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium is within the normal range, and that’s something making it one of the finest Shilajit products around.

The Good

  • It is available in a pure resin form
  • It is cost-effective and is available at less than $30
  • It is available in a handy 25g jar
  • It passes heavy metals test with results available online
  • It enjoys several positive reviews from customers

The Bad

The only real drawback of using Pure Shilajit Pitch is that the taste will put you off for sure. Some users believe it is better to dissolve it in water first and then take it.

The Bottom Line

The crux of the matter is that if you’re interested in buying Shilajit and don’t want to spend a lot of money, you may want to opt for Pure Shilajit Pitch. The company enjoys nice review, and so does this Shilajit product. It is quite cost-effective considering you will have to spend less than $30 to get 25g of pure Shilajit pitch. Since they haven’t processed it hard, it contains the original minerals and ingredients that give it the power to produce several health benefits. It also contains humic acids and fulvic acids, which improve your energy, boost libido, purify blood, and enhance your sexual function as well. It can dissolve in water though, which is a good thing in the sense that you don’t have to swallow it directly. Still, don’t expect anything delectable because the taste is quite bad. It is effective though.

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