Oriveda Shilajit

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Oriveda Shilajit

Oriveda Shilajit is a good choice for those starting using shilajit. The company doesn't provide lab test results, which is a bit concerning, however.

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Benefits of Shilajit

Using Shilajit, the pure one of course, is a great way of keeping yourself fit. Its regular use will help improve blood flow, minimize the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks, and helps heal fractures faster. It improves your sexual performance as well. But of course, you need to buy the original one and it seems Oriveda Shilajit is a nice option you can try.


Paste/Resin Form

A good thing about this product is that it is not in capsule form, which is something we actually appreciate. When it is in resin form, it tends to be more effective. It is worth mentioning that it is available in a 25g jar, which means you will have enough supply to take you through a few months. It usually depend on your servings, you usually have enough purified black Altai Shilajit to last you through 6 months or so. If you consider its price keeping that important point in mind, it’d look a lot more affordable actually. It costs you just over $70 and that usually means you will be spending just over $20 a month to give your body all the energy it needs.


Low Moisture Level

It is effective because it has been purified using a patented Russian method that relies on centrifugal processing – the product works well because it is always dried to ensure the moisture level is less than 7%. It is so because if the moisture level is high, there are chances of facing uncontrolled oxidation. The company pays attention to this point and you receive a good quality, uncontaminated product.

The Good

  • It is available in pure form
  • It is a cost-effective Shilajit product
  • It uses Himalayan Shilajit for processing
  • It costs you less than $70 and is available in 25g jar
  • It comes with an unlimited shelf life
  • It enjoys several impressive reviews from old customers

The Bad

There isn’t any real confirmation about what’s included in the product. There is no lab report or anything available on the website, which sure affects the credibility. Moreover, some consumers have witnessed issues with their customer support, but that’s nothing too serious.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that Oriveda Shilajit is an effective way of taking advantage of all the good things associated with Shilajit. It uses Himalaya Shilajit and turns it into a safe supplement through safe processing methods. It is due to highly impressive processing method that it enjoys an unlimited shelf life. It offers several benefits  and makes use of several dozens of micro and macro elements, amino acids, minerals, plant sterols, vitamins, and of course, fulvic acid and humic acid. The presence of fulvic acid is one of the reasons why Oriveda Shilajit is so effective – it actually contains more than 17% of ashless fulvic acid as well as humic acid, and is reasonably good considering that the minimal Russian Federal Standard is only around 7%. The presence of all these ingredients gives it healing properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and rejuvenating properties as well. It dispels pain, supports your immune system, and maintains a delicate balance to promote overall health.

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