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PurBlack shilajit is an excellent choice for those wanting to invest in shilajit. The only downside is a slight problem with customer service, but the product is fantastic.

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Positive Reviews

PurBlack is an increasingly popular option for Shilajit fans. It seems things are in favor of PurBlack mainly because it would have been difficult for the brand to get so many positive reviews had it not been the real thing.


Resin Form

There are a number of things that make it a good choice for anyone interested in buying high quality Shilajit.  The first good thing is that it comes in resin form. What many people don’t understand is that genuine Shilajit always occurs in resin form. It means that if a company is promising you the best quality Shilajit in the form of capsules or powder, they may have tempered with it a bit to change its form. We’re not saying they’d be selling fake Shilajit, but the effectiveness of this herb may suffer.


Well-Respected Company

PurBlack comes from a highly reputable company, Adaptive Energy, which is known for the introduction of so many impressive and effective super foods called Biogenic Catalysts. These products assist your body to gain its maximum genetic potential, and their Shilajit product is one of the very best available in the market. Unlike other companies, they don’t rely on substandard methods for processing. The company uses patent-pending process and relies on American technology to give you a good quality product. It is the processing that makes PurBlack a better choice as compared to Shilajit products prepared using traditional processing methods.

The Good

  • It is available in resin form and is better than powders etc.
  • It comes in a nice and handy jar
  • It can be mixed in water or taken directly
  • It increases antioxidant potential and improves vitality
  • It is quite cost-effective considering their processing technique
  • It is prepared used a low-temperature process for high purity
  • It includes abundant minerals, vitamins, and fulvic acid

The Bad

It seems the company is taking things seriously and paying attention to processing this herb in the best way possible because we couldn’t find many negative reviews about the quality. Their customer service isn’t the best around – but that’s nothing serious at all.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that PurBlack is one of the better choices for anyone looking for an effective Shilajit product in the US. You can find several other products offering Shilajit in powdery form, but they are not pure and are usually synthesized imitations. PurBlack is different and comes in resin form, so you can definitely trust it for its effectiveness. It doesn’t use any fillers or fulvic acid fertilizer you usually see in most products these days. It is therefore possible to see it work in a short time. You simply need to open the jar and take a small portion of it. Alternatively, you can dissolve it into water or any other liquid such as nut milk, juice, or tea. Many users who have used it in water have stated that you should not mix it if the temperature of the water is above 39c. Overall, it’s a nice and effective Shilajit product!

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